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Harland Clarke

Research: Email Marketing Within Financial Services Institutions

Email Marketing Within Financial Services Institutions Harland Clarke recently sponsored a survey related to the use of email marketing among financial institutions. The results have been analyzed and compiled into a research study authored by the independent third-party Relevancy Group, a trusted source of online marketing research services. The study, Email Marketing Within Financial Services Institutions: Benchmarking Best Practices, Tactics and Strategies to Advance Relevance, combines participant feedback with suggested best practices to achieve email marketing objectives. Among the topics discussed:
  • Dealing with email challenges/fears common among financial institutions
  • Trends in email marketing among financial institutions, from the volume being sent to the use of different types of messages (e.g., news, cross-sell products and services, on-boarding)
  • Organizational attitudes toward email marketing, and the importance of being a "Connected Organization"

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