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Scholz Design


As a source of custom home designs and luxury floor plans, being able to communicate with clients while maintaining exclusivity was extremely important to Scholz Design. Choosing the right channel to do so was equally important.

“Technology moves so fast, it’s mind-numbing,” said Chris Gibson, President and CEO of Scholz Design. “Trying to gauge the effectiveness of the various options one can pursue, with limted resources—you’ve got to pick wisely.”

With home designs that are not accessible to the general public, Scholz Design needed a way to both promote the existence of new designs as well as drive traffic to their site where the designs could be accessed.

“We’re pretty restrictive as far as how we distribute floor plans, “ said Gibson. “Our website is a paid site, and we don’t post plans online anywhere except our site. We’re in a market that is very high-end, with an affluent clientbase that is typically pretty difficult to get to.”

Scholz Design began working with Harland Clarke Digital in 2002 to set about establishing a vital line of communication through the email channel using the SubscriberMail® email marketing platform.


Harland Clarke Digital worked with Scholz Design to create a custom email template for showcasing a preview of available designs. In addition, Harland Clarke Digital provided guidance around email list building best practices to help grow the Scholz Design audience.

After nearly 600% list growth over the first few years of the program, Scholz Design worked with Harland Clarke Digital to implement a list hygiene initiative. This helped identify and suppress recipients who were not demonstrating any engagement with messages, leading to a more responsive mailing list and more effective use of email volume.

As email marketing trends shifted away from broadcast mailing to more narrow-focused, targeted messaging, Scholz Design was ahead of the curve. Leveraging the geographic segmentation capabilities within SubscriberMail allowed Scholz Design to narrow the focus of specific campaigns to reach select members of their audience.

“If we were going to host an open house, we would target all of the perspective customers within an hour drive,” Gibson said. “Instead of us going through our database and calling 250 people in that radius of a home, it was a very efficient way to communicate and get the word out.”


More than 10 years later, Scholz Design and Harland Clarke Digital are still going strong.

“We notice as soon as we send out a newsletter we’ll get a surge in traffic within 24 hours, which leads to a surge in registrations on our site,” Gibson said. “We’ve seen a good return from it over the years. For people to get updates on what’s new, email marketing has been our primary method of communication.”

For any business becoming a reliable trusted resource in the eyes of customers is of the utmost importance—it’s why a hard-to-reach audience keeps making time for Scholz Design, and it’s why Scholz Design and Harland Clarke Digital are working on a second decade of email marketing success.

Scholz Design

Scholz Design