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Missoula Federal Credit Union

Missoula Federal Credit Union


Missoula Federal Credit Union (MFCU) services approximately 43,000 members in Missoula, Montana, offering a wide variety of products to its members and a commitment to providing topnotch customer service.

For today’s financial institutions, customer service involves more than helpful staff at each location, but also must include a well-managed digital solution for two-way account holder communication at any time.

Recognizing this opportunity, MFCU began looking to increase engagement with its members through digital channels, and Harland Clarke Digital® was there to help.


Early efforts to execute email campaigns in-house had accomplished basic objectives such as reminders and account balance updates. Missoula Federal Credit Union (MFCU) saw missed opportunities in the form of marketing and branding that needed to be addressed.

“Prior to participating with Harland Clarke Digital, our email was less than sophisticated,” said Joni Walker, Senior Vice President of Marketing and Development at MFCU. “It consisted of an email on a white background with black type, generated by our IT department, to let members know their statements were ready. It did not fit our brand and was extremely utilitarian.”

After discussions with the Harland Clarke Digital (HCD) team it became clear that the SubscriberMail® email marketing platform, in tandem with the strategic/creative services offered by HCD, was exactly what MFCU needed to get its email program running efficiently and effectively.

“We looked at a couple of different email programs, even a couple that were free,” Walker said. “What really stood out for us with SubscriberMail was the support on the back end. We were getting into something we’ve never been into before, and it was important for us to do it right.”


Harland Clarke Digital worked closely with MFCU to provide its marketing team with the support they needed to ensure its brand and its values were shining through. This included everything from custom-designed email templates to personalized training that helped the MFCU team quickly learn how to use the SubscriberMail platform.

“The most comfortable part of the implementation and ramp up of our email marketing was the folks at SubscriberMail have a lot of email marketing experience,” Walker stated. “There was a lot of understanding, support and helping us along the way to make sure we were doing everything correctly.”

SubscriberMail enabled MFCU to build sophisticated email campaigns consisting of onboarding messages, triggered messages and integrations with direct mail and online banking notifications. These integrated strategies bolstered MFCU’s communications to consumers in the digital age and increased account holder engagement.

“Since the implementation of the SubscriberMail platform, we’ve had amazing response to the changes we made,” stated Walker. “It’s a cool product, and it’s allowed us to build trust with our members.”

Missoula Federal Credit Union

Missoula Federal Credit Union