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Harland Clarke

Insurance Solutions

Gain valuable insight in today's competitive insurance industry.

Today, simply measuring customer satisfaction is no longer enough. Insurers must foster a state of loyalty while measuring and monitoring the customer experience. Research & Insights supports this by providing employee and customer insight that drives improved performance, loyalty and advocacy in areas such as:

  • Policy offerings
  • Billing accuracy
  • Claims processing
  • Customer service
  • Communication channels

Stay current on the impact of ever-changing product offerings and compliance-related data collection requirements.

When was the last time you had to convert a segment of customers to a new product offering? And what impact did that have on your customer base? Or are you struggling with a new compliance-related data collection requirement that your internal IT group doesn’t have time to address?

Research & Insights has over forty years of experience in survey research and data collection applications. And as part of Harland Clarke Corp. our quality, service and security standards are top of the line.

Our insurance industry experience allows us to understand and meet your survey research needs as well as supporting compliance-related data requirements.


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