A suite of digital marketing solutions to manage customer communications, employee training, consumer education and research analysis.

Harland Clarke Digital

Forms + Surveys

Forms + Surveys from Harland Clarke Digital make it easy to create web-hosted forms and pages for use with marketing and lead generation campaigns.

Gathering data through Forms + Surveys is a perfect way to flesh out your database with valuable, actionable customer information. The more you know about who your customers are, the better you can communicate with them.

Learn who your customers are
There's so much you can do:
  • Gather leads through web contact forms
  • Gain insight from customers through satisfaction surveys
  • Conduct market research
  • Create quizzes or polls
  • All branded with your colors, logos, and custom HTML elements
Expanded features include:
  • New Interactive Question Types
  • Salesforce Sales Cloud Integration
  • Media Library/File Hosting
  • Real-time Email Notifications
  • Shared Filtered Reports
  • Mobile Optimization Settings

What are your customers looking for? Where are you falling short? What is the best way to contact them? Get answers to the questions you need to take action.

Actionable customer profile information

Want to communicate more effectively with your customers? Get to know them better, with Harland Clarke Digital.

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